about us...

  • We love to travel, preferably in exceptional countries. Standard vacation is not our thing.
  • Explore country and people of other cultures, learn other languages​​, strolling on oriental markets, we think, that`s great
  • And we also love to come home, because we miss our family and friends..

Franz Rank,Vintage 1958

after my apprenticeship for a car mechanic  and after the Military, I started my own business with 21 years in  "car parts" as a dealer.

After 30 years of business, the two wholesale businesses were sold, since I'm a private person, this was initially quite unusual for me.
In addition to the travel motorcycling is another hobby.
 my most beautiful country: "Island"
favorite activity: "sleep"
favorite drink:: red wine, prefer Trollinger with Lemberger. 



Ingrid Rank, Vintage 1961

After completing an apprenticeship as a pharmacist's assistant and a further training as an Kindergarten teacher since I was hired by this grazy gay on my left in their own operation as a secretary, bookkeeper and "woman for anything."
And of the "pittance" I got there, I must pay also my hobby `s Step Dance and Pilates alone.

my most beautiful country: "just not cold"
favorite activity:  read, work in my Garden"
favorite drink:: Water, Tea, sometimes Alcohol



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