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Note: on our German website, our blog at this point. Here we report on our trip at regular intervals. Since we do "not" want to be a slave of the Internet is the blog only in German language. We have therefore listed all Questions that have been provided to us on our journey.


  where you come from and where you are going?
come from Germany, a small town between Munich and Stuttgart, and we want to travel the entire American continent, from the very top (Alaska) down to the bottom (Argentina, Tierra del Fuego) for about 18-24 months
  your journey is a business journey or Is this for you vacation?
no, we are not traveling for work. We want to get to know other countries, other languages​​, other people.

  You no longer have to work?
no, we had two separate companies that we have sold. now we fulfill our dream. We want to travel to other countries. Work is one aspect of life, there are also other, perhaps more important things in life. Through the sale of our companies we have become financially independent. Moreover, we find life with tie and fancy dresses "stupid"
  What a strange, extraordinary vehicle. I've never seen such a truck
This is a Unimog. Unimog is a subsidiary of Mercedes. Such vehicles will be built for the military, fire departments, the municipalities for roads and snow removal. Or who work in difficult terrain must buy such an extreme 4WD Unimog. You look at the the two videos at the end of the FAQ, Although these are in German language, but the images reveal what the vehicle can do. Between the technical detail you see, again and again, the Unimog "on work"

  Is that a four-wheel and what is the weight ?
yes, this is the world's best 4WD vehicle that you find. You can drive it by 120 cm deep rivers or go 110% slope. We are with full diesel tanks and water tank filled with 11 tons on road.


  and how much is the diesel consumption?
consumption is about 24 liters per 100 kilometers (1 gallon for about 10 miles). on a straight road can be only 22 liters, in the mountains with lots of ups and descents sometimes 26 liters per 100 kilometers, or in extreme terrain, if we let the air out of the tire so that you are more forward and not sink, sometimes 30 liters per 100 kilometers. 

  and the structure. Is that a camper?
yes, a camper. We always say this is our house. In it, we live for the next 1-2 years. Have everything in it, kitchen, bedroom, shower, washing machine ... just like in your home. But with the difference to you, that we have, every day, another garden outside our door. We just wanted to have a camper can also travel in extreme terrain, on any beach without sinking and comes on every mountain. And so the idea was born Unimog + Camper. The difficulty was to have all in it and build the vehicle as short as possible so that the off-road capability is guaranteed.

  how expensive is such a vehicle?
that depends on the desired expansion and quality. Our vehicle, for example, has very specific window with a special gas filling. So you can also go to altitudes above 5,000 meters without breaking the glass. This is, of course, more expensive than regular glass. You can say ,very roughly, between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000 (US$)

  where can you buy such a vehicle?
this is a Unicat. something you can not buy. Each vehicle is specially made ​​according to the wishes of the customer.You can buy the chassis and the Driver cab from the manufacturer Unimog / Mercedes. Or you buy a used vehicle.The camper cabin is then made ​​in-house performance. if you have serious interest in such a vehicle (and the necessary capital) send me a mail, I'll give you then the representation of Unimog in your country or help you during import for Truck and Camper Cabin..



about the technology of the Unimog
 the Unimog in action.

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